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"Education should not be about molding children the way you want them, but about supporting their natural longing to know and blossom"  Sadhguru

​Closing Date for 2022 Admissions: Friday 26th November

Tropical Leaf
Tropical Leaf


To benefit from our unique curriculum offering, parents are advised to enroll their children at age 4 and are encouraged to continue our programme all the way through Primary.


Age 4 - 5


Year 2 - Age 6

Year 3 - age 7

Year 4 - age 8

Year 5 - age 9

Year 6 - age 10


Application Process


We warmly invite you to visit our school, breathe in our beautiful scenery and see school life in action.

We provide personal tours for your family, focusing on areas specific to your child. You will also have the opportunity to meet our inspiring team.

Depending on the age of your child assessments vary. We aim to make assessments as relaxed as possible to ensure your child feels comfortable and able to be themselves.


Please scan and email copies of the following:

  • your child’s most recent school report

  • a copy of their birth certificate or current passport at the time of application.


A limited number of scholarships are available to pupils. These range from partial to full scholarships.

To qualify, you must first have received conformation of a successful application. Parents must thereafter demonstrate financial need and undertake full and complete financial disclosure. This involves a thorough assessment of the child and an evaluation of the economic situation of the child’s family.

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