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Education Partnership Fund 

To be sustainable long term and make a significant impact for generations to come within Uganda and East Africa, we need the the support of inspired individuals and the business community alike.

The cost per child to cover an education of this standard is $2,590/pa, a fraction of the cost of other international schools (upwards of $6,000), due to dedicated volunteer support, a tightly run budget and the school’s not-for-profit status. 


As an Education Partnership Fund holder we ask you to cover the cost of three to ten children. So for 5 children your fund would contribute annually $2,590 x 5 = $12,950.


Your Partner Benefits 

The fund holder will receive:

  • Biannual update on the children with whom it is paired, including a ready-to-circulate newsletter for passing around the company internally, or dropping into a customer newsletter or annual report.

  • Ongoing recognition on all our promotional material and social media.

  • A framed commemoration celebrating the Partnership to display in your office.

  • A brass plaque at Sadhguru School.

  • The possibility to send a group of your employees, customers or family members to volunteer at Sadhguru School as a tool for their personal development and leadership training. For example, a bicycle manufacturer is sending its engineers for a 2 week stay with the challenge of building a bicycle from scratch with the children.

  • An annual online video meet with your children that will develop in its format as the children age from 4 to 14 and beyond. They may present a song or a poem; read a story, show their work, chat informally; or, if you have an area of expertise, you might like to share it with the children for their inspiration and exposure.

  • As a one-off for funds of 5+ children, one or two places on the ‘Insight’ 4-day business workshop with Sadhguru at the Isha Yoga Centre (to be confirmed at the time).

  • A double cottage on a full board basis for two nights in a year at Ndali Lodge, walking distance from Sadhguru School, giving you or the fund's manager a chance to see for yourself the impact that your donations make. 

  • Annual invitations to 3-day yoga, health, balancing & rejuvenation retreats at Sadhguru School for five of your staff at a discounted rate.

  • If appropriate, we would hope that some of the children in your fund might undergo internships with your company.

  • Quarterly blog from the school.

Sadhguru School is a not-for-profit organisation of local teachers and dedicated volunteers working hard to offer a world-class international education to the children of rural Uganda

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