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What such an exciting momemt to see everyone back to school after a full year of staying at home. All the children look beautifully grown can visibly see parental love was in action during the lockdown. We are following all the SOPs to ensure that everyone keeps safe and that learning happens in the best way possible. As you can see from the picturess, one of the child from early years is acting as a policeman maintaining the COVID-SOPs guidelines in the market. The child is also taking temperature of the people coming to the market.

Drumming and more


We had a wonderful one full week of drumming at the begining of term one. We have attached few pictures and a link to a short raw video with the Rockies Troupe Uganda crew at their best  - training our children. It was such a fun moment for everyone.

What such a joy that amidst all this COVID situation, Lily and Maureen joined the Sadhguru School team; with Lily overlooking the academics and Maureen taking care of montenssori learning with the early years.

Watercolor Bird 2

Early Years back in action

Speaking about early years, the little ones were explorinig such an interesting topic “Me, My Friends and Family”. They had an opportunity to role play in different places with multiple scenarios. They each visited a school, a market, a hospital, a home among others with friends and family. The children were individually involved in  setting up of a market, others acted as sellers in the market and others as buyers, teachers and pupils.


Buddhist Thangka Painting from Tibet

In Art class this term, children from Years 2-5 were excited to learn that their Yoga teacher possesses a talent for Thangka Art: Yogesh has been studying under the tutorage of a Master painter and shared his impressive works with each class explaining how the intense focus required by the painters is in itself considered a form of meditation. The children learned about some of the symbolism within the paintings, the stories behind the artworks and the grid method employed by the artists to ensure that the characters featured can be passed down from generation to generation without losing integrity. They were amazed by the detail achieved by Thangka artists and enjoyed creating individual elements of Thangka paintings themselves, before combining these together to create a colourful, collaborative artwork!

Science experiments with Year 5 children

Through inquiry based learning, Yr 5 class carried out various physics and chemistry experiments. The children were able to identify variables in each experiment, make informed predictions and note down their observations. They also learnt about P.H levels and determined the P.H levels of the solution in their experiments. We cannot wait to see them in action at the next level.

In science, they did a simple experiment about flying sycamore seed helicopters as one of the experiments. The major aim was for them to learn how to write up a scientific investigation focusing on: planning an experimentt, making a prediction with reference to what they already know, carrying out an experiment and recording accurate results as well as drawing a conclusion from results and discuss the degree of trust. 

We all explored that Sycamore seeds are designed to catch the wind as they fall and 'fly' far away from the tree in order to grow a new tree. the air pushes upwards towards against the 'wings' of the seed (and the arms of the helicopter) pushes them in opposite directions, making the seed (helicopter) spin. Children found out that the size of the paper helicopter influences how far it can fly and how much time it takes. Small helicopters flew for a short period of time whilst big helicopters flew higher for a longer period. Flying period was recorded in seconds.

Playing the Flute
Watercolor Butterfly 6
 Colorful Bird
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